Eurovitegroup is the parent company of Eurovite Lijmfabriek (1960) and Gebo Groothandel & Agenturen (1980). Eurovitegroup has a great deal of expertise in the field of tiles and adhesives thanks to its two operating companies. In fact, a very wide national and international network in the sectors of tiles, tile adhesives, wallpaper adhesives and wall and floor treatment products has been built up over more than 60 years. We at Eurovitegroup are future-orientated, careful with people, the business and the world around us. We strive for sustainability in combination with a commercially responsible strategy with consideration for safety and the environment. Therefore we also work on training and informing staff and customers. We want to run a sustainable, resilient, innovative and profitable business in the heart of society. In this way we also want to continue to guarantee work and a future for the generations to come and we keep striving for regeneration and innovation.

Eurovite lijmfabriek

Eurovite Lijmfabriek has produced a wide range of chemical construction products since 1960. In our laboratory we work ceaselessly on improving existing formulae and on the development of new ones. With our modern and flexible machinery we can produce these products quickly and with consistent quality. We use our own brand ‘Foby+’ for glueing ceramic wall and floor tiles and mosaics. A compact but comprehensive and organised range of high-quality products. We also produce under private labels. Nationally and internationally for packages for the specialist trade and DIY sector. In addition, we supply products for major brand owners and manufacturers.

Gebo wholesaler and agencies

Gebo Groothandel & Agenturen specialises in the import and distribution of mainly Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wall and floor tiles. We supply these to tile and sanitary specialist businesses throughout the Netherlands. As a distributor we deliver from Ede in the centre of our country. As an agent we deliver directly from the factory in Southern Europe to the dealer in the Netherlands. We also offer a wide range of taps, washbasins and other sanitary products, in particular in the context of constructors buyers support as well as with large and small construction projects. We also have an extensive Outdoor range for terraces and gardens. We provide various retail packages that are offered by selected dealers throughout the Netherlands. Often in combination with custom-made shop-in-shop presentation via our own fix and install service. In fact, we do a great deal more than we can put down in a few lines.


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