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The Eurovitegroup works with a number of different factories in countries including Italy, Spain and Turkey. Products are imported directly from the factory, employing strict selection criteria: only first-choice materials and the highest-grade products are accepted. The Eurovitegroup offers a vast array of wall and floor tiles and listellos, of which more than 4,000 types are now held in stock. This range covers all colour, design and price segments.

Casalgrande Padana; sinds 1960

A strong, independent industrial company, specialising in the production of full-body porcelain floor tiles in formats ranging from 15x15 to 90x90 and even 60x120.

Casalgrande Padana not only manufactures tiles for domestic use, but also specialises in tiles for projects, non-residential buildings and public spaces (heavy duty).

The company also offers a complete and extremely competitive range of swimming pool tiles, with all the necessary accessories and anti-slip properties. It also manufactures special tiles for train and metro stations, for example, including tiles to assist blind or visually impaired people.

As an industrial company Casalgrande Padana invests not only in design and technology, but also in sustainability, with solutions including antibacterial Microban technology. The firm also encourages architects and designers across the globe with its world-renowned biennial Grand Prix.

In 2013 Casalgrande Padana expanded its production capacity to an impressive 80,000 m2 per day. The factory therefore makes use of the latest technologies.

Ceramica Cooperativa d’Imola; sinds 1874

“Imola”, as the manufacturer is popularly known, was founded in the last quarter of the 19th century and initially manufactured tableware and maiolica. In the early 20th century it started manufacturing ceramic tiles, mainly for the construction sector.

Following the signing of the 'brotherhood pact', a cooperative was formed and the employees became the owners of the factory. Today, in the 21st century, Ceramica Cooperativa d’Imola continues to serve customers across the globe in the form of a cooperative, offering an extensive range of wall and floor tiles, both glazed and unglazed and in formats ranging from 12x18 to 120x120 and even 20x180!

“Imola” boasts a substantial production capacity (70,000 m2 per day) and the independent brands “Leonardo” and “LaFaenza” also form part of the group.


Topcer floor tiles can be found in characterful buildings all around the world. This Portuguese manufacturer specialises in double-fired, full-body porcelain floor tiles, mainly in the formats 10x10 and 15x15, and combines its floor tiles with authentic Victorian decors.

Topcer's products serve as inspiration not only for period renovations, but also for industrial designs, sanitary facilities, authentic farmhouses or the grand interiors of city halls.

Topcer's double-fired tiles can be used almost anywhere and a range of special accessories, such as sanitary plinths and anti-slip tiles, is also available.


H&R Johnson Tiles, founded in 1901 and still operating today, is rightly regarded as one of the more traditional manufacturers. The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, and manufactures wall and floor tiles in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle. As a business it has traditionally focused on aspects other than profit and returns alone. Sustainability has been an important pillar for the company ever since its foundation.

H&R Johnson is able to manufacture niche products in small series and small formats starting from 10x10. The quality of the bisque, glaze and colours is unrivalled and the modularity also offers added value, allowing different formats (10x10/10x20/15x15/20x20) to be used in combination.

Very few manufacturers can offer such a complete range.

La Faenza maakt sinds 1991 onderdeel uit van de Imolagroep

La Faenza has been part of the Imola Group since 1991.

Within the Imola Group's product range La Faenza tiles are renowned for the stylish look that is typical of this trend-setting Italian designer brand.

La Faenza mainly manufactures floor tiles: full-body porcelain and glazed porcelain tiles, in formats ranging from 30x30 to 20x180 cm.

Leonardo maakt sinds 1993 onderdeel uit van de Imolagroep

Leonardo has been part of the Imola Group since 1993.

Until 2008 Leonardo was a brand that specialised in projects and architectural applications. Since then the company has broadened its focus and now also has a keen eye for interior and domestic applications, while retaining its distinctive edge, for example as an early introducer of full-body porcelain tiles in large formats up to 120x120 cm.


Kalebodur is more than just a tile factory. “Kale”, as the brand is known in the professional tile industry, is part of the Kale Group and, with an enormous production capacity of 180,000 m2 per day, is one of the world's largest manufacturers.

Kale manufactures glazed and unglazed tiles in formats ranging from 15x15 to 100x300. The company also has access to the most up-to-date technologies, including the possibility of manufacturing ultrathin 3 mm material (Sinterflex).

Kale can justifiably be regarded as a major global player.


The Kronos brand was launched in 1980 and over the intervening period has developed into a genuine authority within the tile manufacturing sector. Time and again Kronos demonstrates its ability to bring unique and innovative products onto the market, mainly as a developer focusing exclusively on floor tiles.

Kronos is proving itself to be not only an authority, but a trendsetter too!


Ceramica Saloni is one of Spain's largest tile manufacturers. The company, which was founded in 1971, manufactures both wall and floor tiles, including glazed and unglazed porcelain, but also red-body and the more exclusive white-body tiles.

In the area of wall tiles, the possibilities offered by this leading Spanish manufacturer include tiles in unusual formats such as 30x90 and, in particular, 40x120. These can also be supplied as white-body tiles. This makes the company's offering rather unique within the ceramics industry.

Saloni is also keen to contribute to a cleaner environment and consequently complies with the UNE-EN ISO 14021 standard. The company has already managed to cut its CO2 emissions by 35%.


Serenissima, which was founded in 1968, is the leading brand within the Serenissima CIR Industrie Ceramiche Group. With a production capacity of over 9 million square metres, it is regarded as one of Italy's medium-sized tile manufacturers.

Serenissima focuses exclusively on floor tiles and has developed into a real specialist in this area: its products are available in formats ranging from very small to very large and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, these products are always based on the company's porcelain stoneware technology, which is amongst the most modern and sophisticated in the sector.

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