What does the Eurovitegroup, Executive - and Management Team

Who are we?

The Eurovitegroup is an importer, manufacturer, agent and investor.

In our role as an importer we distribute ceramic wall, mosaic and floor tiles, as well as small sanitary fittings.

The Eurovitegroup also manufactures Foby tile adhesives, grouts, wallpaper pastes and chemical and biological cleaning products.

Our biological cleaning products are marketed under the brand name BIOnyx.

In addition to our own brands Foby and BIOnyx, the Eurovitegroup produces a wide range of private-label adhesives and cleaning, finishing and DIY products.

What sets the Eurovitegroup apart is that, alongside our role as an importer and manufacturer, we also operate as an agent. This combination, unique within the Dutch tile industry, delivers benefits for all parties. The Italian or Spanish manufacturers represented by the Eurovitegroup not only have an agent who can deliver directly from the factory to individual dealers on their behalf, but also have an importer in the Netherlands as a partner who holds their products in stock.

Dealers who import directly from the companies represented by the Eurovitegroup enjoy the additional benefit of safety stocks in Ede, together with the associated back office functions. They therefore have a safety net should the manufacturer ever be unable to make a quick delivery directly from the factory (Spain/Italy). This is a unique combination that delivers extra benefits and security for all parties concerned.

The Eurovitegroup works with the main companies it represents on the basis of 100% exclusivity, which means that dealers who buy directly from us can also be offered regional sales exclusivity.

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